Mazda RX7 RD3S 13B Twin Turbo


APEXi POWER FC & FC COMMANDER is the full computer, which can be just swapped with genuine computer and makes it possible to control high performance engine. Genuine computer doesn't have to be traded in when purchasing this POWER FC, so you can keep your original computer with you for the case of emergency.

The ROM in the POWER FC has a data, which is most sporty setting for engine management set by APEXi. This sporty engine management system set by APEXi is not only reprogramming the ROM but that uses controlling system which is much superior to genuine ECU.

Also POWER FC can be set to your original best setting by just connecting the hand-held controller called FC COMMANDER. By reprogramming the each control MAP and data, POWER FC will evolve into the special computer that is programmed by you. Of course it's also easy to get back to original factory setting after reprogramming.

FC COMMANDER will show you three functions in the menu after powered on . Then you select one of the three functions, which is "monitor mode" for multi-function monitor, "setting mode" for programming original MAP and "others" for setting of each devices on the car.

In the monitor mode, you can see ten kinds of reading such as engine rpm, speed, injector opening percentage, ignition timing, air flow voltage (or pressure voltage), boost, and so on. These data will be shown by the numerical value and also can be shown by graphical picture. For the other function, if you select MAP trace mode, you can trace the MAP of fuel injection and ignition timing. Each function is just controlled by pushing button on FC COMMANDER.

In the setting mode, you can reprogram any setting for the engine, which are the change of ignition timing MAP, the change of fuel MAP, the correction of air volume signal of air flow meter, the correction of fuel injection interval, boost setting, the correction of the extra fuel volume for acceleration, the correction of fuel and ignition timing, the change of the fuel injection volume at cranking, the correction of coolant temperature, and the tacho setting. These factors can be changed or corrected very easily. Just select the point which you want to change from the MAP or graph and change it in the setting mode.

And also you can control the boost with optional POWER FC BOOST CONTROL KIT.

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